Sunshine Coast Regional Council / 2016

This is the overview page where you can see the state of open data across each key dataset.

Dataset Score Breakdown Last Updated Location (URL) Information
Garbage collection   100%
2016 Closed
Foot/Bike paths   100%
2016 Closed
Ward maps   100%
2016{9A1EE807-890F-4B75-8E64-6A804DB778DA} Closed
Budget/Expenditure   45%
2016 Closed
Public amenities   - Closed
Trees   - Closed
Property boundaries/parcels   - Closed
Planning Zones   - Closed
Public buildings   - Closed
Building Outlines   - Closed
Roads   - Closed
Tenders/Contracts   - Closed
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data


Reviewers for Sunshine Coast Regional Council:

Alex Sadleir

With submissions from:

Alex Sadleir, Stephen Gates