What is the Australia’s Open Data City Census?

The Australian Open Data City Census is a crowd-sourced measure of the openness of key datasets based on the answers to nine questions. Each city, or more correctly each local government, that publishes open data can participate and have their data assessed. Any community member can submit an assessment and a small expert team reviews submissions.

Why do we need a census?

Through friendly competition, the open data census:

  • encourages publishers of open data to improve how their data is published.
  • demonstrates improvements made each year.
  • helps re-users of open data understand any challenges they may encounter.

Who created Australia’s Open Data City Census?

  • Open Knowledge created the application to record submission and display results.
  • Open Knowledge Australia configured the application for Australia in 2015. Volunteers included (list of names).
  • Australia's local governments' helped decide which datasets to add to the census. Key contributor included (list of councils).
Want to add data for a location/council not listed? Any other questions? Contact maxious@lambdacomplex.org or @maxious on Twitter