Greater Geelong City Council

This is the overview page where you can see the state of open data across each key dataset.

Dataset Score Breakdown Last Updated Location (URL) Information
Garbage collection   100%
2015 Propose Revisions
Foot/Bike paths   100%
2015 Propose Revisions
Building Outlines   100%
2015 Propose Revisions
Roads   100%
2015 Propose Revisions
Trees   90%
2015 Propose Revisions
Public amenities   - Submit information
Ward maps   - Submit information
Property boundaries/parcels   - Submit information
Planning Zones   - Submit information
Public buildings   - Submit information
Budget/Expenditure   - Submit information
Tenders/Contracts   - Submit information
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data


Reviewers for Greater Geelong City Council:

Alex Sadleir

With submissions from:

David Bell